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Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Hawaii Standard Time) 

For afterhours technical assistance and support call (808) 842-7955.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do you sell used equipment?
A: Yes. We try to recycle working equipment when we can. Contact our Sales Department for more information.

Q: Do you sell for residential homes?
A: Not usually. Our equipment is for commercial use.

Q: Do you do 'furnish only' or 'installation only' services?

A: Absolutely. We can do a furnish only if you have the means to install the equipment yourself. We also do installation only if you were able to acquire your equipment elsewhere, but need someone for the installation.

Q: Do you ship parts inter-island, or internationally?
A: Absolutely. We can ship parts just about anywhere on the globe.  

Q: What if I don't know the part number or part name?
A: That's not a problem for us. Our Parts Department has extensive knowledge about the parts and accessories that we carry and are familiar with the equipment that we sell and service.  

Q: How long do you take to ship an item.
A: We do our best to ship same day, however, if we were not able to meet our shipping deadline, then your item will ship the next day.  

Q: What shipping method do you use?
A: We generally ship via UPS, however, we can also do same day cargo shipping inter-island. Remember that any equipment or part that is in-stock can be picked up at the Parts Department at our office.  

Q: How fast will the part be ready after I place my order?
A: If the part is in-stock, then the part is ready immediately for pick-up. If we are out of stock of a part, we can provide you an estimation for availability.  

Q: Do you ship part 'overnight'?
A: Yes. If you choose not to pick-up your equipment or part from our conveniently located office and warehouse, then we can overnight the part to you.  

Q: Do you offer 24 hours/7 day per week service support?
A: Yes. We have a technician available outside of our normal office hours. Contact us for the fees.  

Q: If I need to return an item, is there a restocking fee?
A: That would depend on the item. There are a few of our partner vendors that assess a restocking fee.  

Q: Do you offer RMA's?
A: Absolutely. Contact our Sales Department for analysis of your RMA needs.